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Northwoods Folk, Progressive Americana, North Country Grass

Northern Wisconsin

Billy Bronsted

A humble man from the Northwoods of Wisconsin with a voice that fills the room and a smile that warms the heart. His midwestern kindness shines through in his sincere performances. If you’re scouring the pines, you may find Billy helping his family and friends build shelter, or hanging out in the swamp-side cabin he built while contemplating the nature of our existence. Most days, you’ll find him walking his dog before hitting the road to tell a few heartfelt stories.


Billy Bronsted’s music is here to stay, keeping the Northwoods alive with the tradition of honest songwriting and seasoned guitar pickin’. With two studio albums, a couple of cross-country tours, and a host of festival shows under his belt, Billy’s journey with music is headed toward a smoky, northern horizon and straight into your heart. 


Billy released his second studio record, Rhythm, Racket, & Romance in May 2022.  The album grew out of years of payin’ dues and playing little shows around the U.S. It is a work of real midwestern collaboration interspersed with some very personal moments. Billy says that the album “represents those first few years of diving into living my life as a performing artist." 

Billy Bronsted Trio (BB3)

With two studio albums, a handful of cross-country tours, and a slew of festival shows under his belt, Wisconsin-based singer/songwriter, Billy Bronsted, delivers his newest project - a genre-bending exploration of his musical roots.


BB3 delivers the heartfelt storytelling of Billy's expansive catalog through the grit and grime of new sonic textures and progressive flows. The music celebrates hard-working folks, the highs and lows of everyday life, and the rockin' rhythms that keep us dancing.


Billy (lead vocals/guitar), is joined by rhythmic powerhouses Andy Welsch (drums/backing vocals), and Ethan Brew (bass), creating a pulsating soundscape that keeps your heart beating and your feet stomping.

Billy & Augie

Augie Dougherty (Armchair Boogie) and Billy are both pure bred Wisconsin fellas. You'll often find them wandering around in the forest until they’re needed on stage. Both being independent songwriters for many years, they've felt the urge to collaborate, and it's been a natural fit to say the least.


With heartfelt, tongue & cheek, and clever lyricism, they’re sure to win over your hearts. They sing like brothers, swear like sailors, and smell like they've been working on trailers.

Billy Bronsted's Bluegrass Buddies

It's the latest musical adventure from a seasoned musician whose love for bluegrass has brought together some of Wisconsin's finest pickers. After years of late-night, post-festival pickin’ circles and forming deep friendships with the state's top bluegrass musicians, Billy had an opportunity to create something special.


It all started as a monthly bluegrass residency at Gibson Community Music Hall. Every month, Billy handpicked a different cast of talented pickers to join him on stage, creating a brand new Wisconsin bluegrass band for one unforgettable night. The magic of these performances quickly became evident, and the concept began to take shape. Now, the project is spreading its wings, moving beyond Gibson and gracing festival stages.


Billy's pickin' buddies have included:

  • Augie Dougherty (banjo/vocalist with Armchair Boogie)

  • Timmy Mac (fiddle/vocalist with Feed The Dog)

  • Travis Worth (upright bass with Listening Party, and others)

  • Bob Weigandt (mandolin with Dig Deep)

  • Dale Reichert (banjo with Art Stevenson & Highwater, and others)

  • Joe Wais (mandolin/fiddle with the MilbilliesSugar Bush, and others)

  • Cole Holliday (harmonica)

  • Jed Cordwell (upright bass)

  • Bernardo Cano (harmonica)



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