Origin: Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Genre: Americana

Years Active: 2017 - Present

Label: Indie

Official Websites:

Billy Bronsted and the Loot are a predominately hard-playing, big-sounded duo from Wisconsin's Northwoods. Billy and his percussionist, John Kneipp were both born and raised in Tomahawk, Wi, where their love for music was definitely thought of as unique. Tomahawk is a place full of grounded, family oriented, peaceful, hardworking people. Strong values were instilled, shaping the way they walk through their lives. Their peaceful upbringing has played a major hand in their sound; as story-telling and writing is second nature to them. The duo's rythmic sound of the drum mixed with Bronsted's plucking puts the listener in a feel-good vibe. Listening to their albums, you almost feel as if you've been pulled into the woods around a campfire and you're listening to their stories set to music.


The duo first came together musically in 2008. Billy Bronsted and John Kneipp made their first series of demos with friends. Shortly after, with John on a 3 year hiatus from music, Billy found himself working on multiple musical projects. During this time, he worked on building his talents and reputation in close collaboration with David Blessent, with whom he founded projects such as Linus and the Lute and One Strong Army.


Since John's return to music, John and Billy have been hard at work creating their next evolution as performing artists, Billy Bronsted & The Loot.


The Loot often consists of just Billy and John but the boys have been known to collaborate with several Wisconsin artists while they continue to expand their sound.


About Billy Bronsted:

The first few months of 2019 Billy toured with Sam Luna, a longtime friend and fellow musician. They performed solo and duo sets across 13 states for two and a half months. Since returning home, Billy has been working on a new solo album and solo tour. Traveling from Wisconsin, to Tennessee, and landing in the state of Colorado for the month of August. He is anticipating a few special releases coming soon. Make sure to check back for updated tour dates and future collaborations.



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