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Origin: Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Genre: Americana, Country, & Roots

Years Active: 2017 - Present

Label: Indie

Official Websites:

About Billy Bronsted:

A humble man from the Northwoods, Billy Bronsted has a voice that fills the room and a smile that warms the heart. His midwestern kindness shines through in his sincere performances. If you’re scouring the pines, you may find Billy helping his family and friends build shelter, or hanging out in the swamp-side cabin he built while contemplating the nature of our existence. Most days, you’ll find him walking his dog before hitting the road to tell a few heartfelt stories. Billy Bronsted’s music is here to stay, keeping the Northwoods alive with the tradition of honest songwriting and seasoned guitar pickin’. With two studio albums, a couple of cross-country tours, and a host of festival shows under his belt, Billy’s journey with music is headed toward a smoky, northern horizon and straight into your heart. 


Billy released his second studio record, Rhythm, Racket, & Romance May 2nd, 2022.  Billy’s album grew out of years of payin’ dues and playing little shows around the US. It is a work of real midwestern collaboration interspersed with some very personal moments.  “It represents those first few years of diving into my living life as a performing artist”. To support the album release Billy plans to hit some homegrown Wisconsin festivals and Venues on the weekends while he helps hammer on his family home during the weeks.

With a few years of Wisconsin festivals under their belt including: Appleton's Mile of Music (8&9), Northwoods' Moondance Festival ('19, '21, '22), Central Wisconsin's Jackpine Jambouree ('22) Billy and his band The Loot are primed for a rock solid 2023. 


About Billy Bronsted and the Loot:


Billy Bronsted and the Loot are a Progressive Americana trio from central Wisconsin. Leaning on the crack bass chops of Darian Woller, and Billy's fervent songwriting. He and percussionist John Kneipp were both born and raised in Tomahawk, WI, where their love for music was definitely thought of as “unique.” Growing up in Tomahawk instilled strong values of hard work and the importance of family, grounding them and shaping the way they walk through their lives. Their sound reflects this peaceful upbringing; there is a characteristic storytelling and writing style that is second nature to them. The duo's raw and aggressive percussion mixed with Bronsted's diverse acoustic playing styles pulls the listener back through time. Their albums evoke the milieu of the backwoods, where campfire strumming sets the tone for well-crafted narratives. 


In recent years, John and Billy have been hard at work creating their next evolution as performing artists, Billy Bronsted & the Loot. The trio started creating together in the summer of 2020, adding Darian Woller. Billy brought the band to the studio to help finish the latest record “Rhythm, Racket, & Romance”. The album was conceived through years of gigging all around Wisconsin, while taking time to jam and write with other artists. It is a work of real midwestern collaboration interspersed with some very personal moments.



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