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December 30, 2023

Gibson Community Music Hall

211 W College Ave, Appleton, WI

Join us for the inaugural Bluegrass Buddies Blender

on December 30, 2023 at Gibson Community Music Hall! 

The Bluegrass Buddies Blender is a new take on a festival that focuses on the musicians, not only their bands. It's an artist community-based experience that blends the pickin' skills of talent from different bands, much like you'd find in the wee hours of the morning around a campfire at your favorite Wisconsin bluegrass festival. 

The New Year's weekend bash will be headlined by Billy Bronsted's Bluegrass Buddies, which started as a monthly experiment at Gibson over the summer and has since evolved into this festival. Designed to spotlight the highly collaborative nature of Wisconsin's bluegrass scene, the unique format will feature 15+ artists from different bands playing together on two stages throughout the night.




Augie Dougherty on banjo (Armchair Boogie) Stef Lee on bass (Sloppy Joe),  

Kevin Troestler on guitar, Sheilagh Dandy Lyon on fiddle (Hemlock Chaser),

Bernardo Cano on harmonica, and of course, Billy Bronsted rippin' the guitar.


Throughout the night, Sheilagh, Kevin, Stef, and Augie will each front their own set with buddies from other bluegrass bands including

Chicken Wire Empire, Art Stevenson & High Water, Dig Deep,

Red Ben & The Missing Miles, and more! 


Bluegrass and buddies!

What better way to spend the last Saturday night of the year?!


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